Montjuic and the Gothic Tour

We hiked Montjuic, which translates to Jew Mountain, which is this hill in Barcelona that gives you a great view of the city and the harbor. On top of the hill there is the Castle of Montuic, which is a fortress that has been there for a couple centuries. On the way up we passed a swimming pool which I am pretty sure is the same pool used for the 1992 Olympics. Before this time, Barcelona was not a touristy city at all. But since the Olympics it has turned into the top city for students to study abroad. To “hike” up this hill, it was basically a never ending series of steps we took. I do appreciate taking steps though, it was definitely easier than walking straight uphill (we had the option to take a cable car, but that is just not as fun). Image



We took a tour of the Gothic Quarter of Spain, which was the original Barcelona city boundaries. It is a very square region in the city now because it used to be an enclosed region surrounded by many walls that have now been torn down. The area has many narrow streets with famous places to eat, including many chocolate and churro places, even the one we already went to! There are also so Roman ruins left which can be seen in the photo below. We ended the tour at the Cathedral of Barcelona, probably the most gothic looking building in the area, but it looks much more gothic because it had been redone not too long ago.




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